Wednesday, December 12, 2012

A Little Moment of Skitey-Pride...

This week was the final 'Salon' club night of the year for Manukau Photographic Society. It was the first of these events I had attended, so I was unfamiliar with the format until I got there.

All of the 'Honours' images from across the year were presented for judging prior to the evening. These 130 or so images were running as a slide show as we arrived. In doing a count, I was rapt to see 11 of my images in that group, which was amazing to me, considering the amount of images entered across the year, and the number and calibre of photographers who enter.

The process then narrowed down the selection to 27 images for judging for annual awards. One of my images made the cut. The judge then delivered her pre-considered critiques of the images, highlighting the reasons why they were so awesome in her view. When it cam to commenting on my pic of Lily, she said only four words - the shortest critique of all - "Beautifully crafted, classic portrait". Oh well, I thought, she had very few words to say, she can't be that impressed.

So imagine my surprise when I was called up to receive one of three Honours awards for that image! One of the top 6 images of the year! The photographers I stand beside in this photo (and many others in the club) I admire greatly, and I am humbled to be in such amazing company.

I have, of course, to thank the lovely Lily for being such a delightful subject. The photo is one I actually took early on in my photography journey; Lily is now well over two years old! I have recently arranged with her Mum to take some more shots of her family in the near future. Maybe she will again provide me with a winning shot.

"Lily #2" (7 months)

Lily today (2 yrs 8 months)

What last night's achievement has done for me is fuel the belief others may have in me that perhaps I do have some talent? and also re-ignote my passion for photography, which has taken a sideline position since I have been writing my Masters thesis. Bring on my Bali trip - and look out 'Footwear'; the first 'set subject' for 2013.

PS Here are all the images I received Honours for this year. The first three received Open Image of the Night for the month on which they were entered.


My other honours pics:



Saturday, December 8, 2012


As the title suggests, it's a bittersweet day for me today. I am both happy and sad about the outcome I am about to reveal, but currently feeling like a 'bad mother' as well as feeling very sorry for myself.

Today my darling Stirling goes for a trial at a new home. There are several genuine reasons for this, but none of them seem adequate as I sit and reflect upon my decision here, once again with tears rolling down my cheeks.

I am trying to put myself into the shoes of the people who will be Stirling's new family. I am trying to imagine how excited they are, and how much love they will pour on him. He will be the absolute centre of attention, and will therefore be in Stirling heaven.

Stirling has brought me much joy and pride; he is, of course, a breed champion, and the feature of many posts here on my blog, in fact his name is the post tagged word on my blog. So clicking on this will let readers relive the many happy moments we have shared.

Whilst I have to be strong and let him settle in his new home - should it work out -  I am lucky that he will literally be loving around the corner, so I will still see him from time to time. Hopefully the other two boys and I will meet him regularly at our reserve, which will placate my fear that they will miss each other.

Right now however, my heart is breaking.